Birdie Whyte W/ Caribou Run + Nik Field & Ken Voita

  • September 28, 2018
    10:00 pm - 1:30 am

Ottawa’s Birdie Whyte, on her One Night Bands Tour (she has local bands back her up at each stop) – with Caribou Run as her Halifax collaborators – and Nik Field & Ken Voita land at The Carleton on Friday, September 28th. Show time is 10 PM and admission is $10 at the door.

Having toured through the Maritimes many times since her first trip east, Birdie Whyte has met and shared the stage with some wonderful East Coast bands. Three shows have been booked to be the focal point of this East Coast tour, involving local bands everyone knows and loves as her very own one night band and Caribou Run will join her in Halifax at The Carleton.

These nights will be one of a kind, with each local band bringing their own unique influences ranging from country folk and blues, garage folk-rock, bluegrass, jazz, old time, to blend with Birdie’s country blues and traditional folk influences, her soothing Sunday song vocals, and last but not least, from the joy that comes with creating music that will exist only in the present.

Ottawa-valley performer, poet, music educator, and songwriter Birdie is a storyteller rooted in the folk tradition, and sings with a quintessential country vocal tenor that channels the aching geniality of classics Townes van Zandt and Gillian Welch. Birdie’s songs are witty, insightful and full of color and energy.

Her recording debut, the 2016 EP Going to the Races (produced by John Carroll) is anchored in the banjo, her primary instrument. Growing up, Birdie did not sing or play an instrument and never once dreamed of doing so, though joked once at a party that if she played anything it would be a banjo. One day, when enduring a particularly tough time in her life, Birdie’s friends pooled their money together and purchased a banjo to surprise her, the ultimate kick-starter of the Birdie Whyte show. Since then, songs have been pouring out; telling tales of the ocean, country-living, horses, love and longing.

Her new album “.. & The Hidden Connections” will be released in the spring of 2019.

Caribou Run is a 6-piece neofolk band based in Mahone Bay NS. Their songs are catchy and anthemic with lyrics that provoke emotion and thought in the listener. Their live performance is a dynamic experience that is a roller coaster of sing alongs and foot stomps.

Their debut studio album Something Organic Will Happen received the 2017 Nova Scotia Music Award for Blues Recording of the Year, and their new release Old Peninsula is creating a buzz among critics and fans far and wide.

Old Peninsula is a testament to neofolk as a genre of traveling troubles and triumphs. It invites you into a truly beautiful adventure into the calming lament of lives lead a well as thought on roads to be tread. May the sun also rise as Old Peninsula shows that Caribou Run can stand out on the East Coast.” Jared Durelle – CHSR FM 97.9