Having trouble finding out what’s going on live-music-wise in Halifax?

Plaskett:Emergency HUFF 2011

If someone says, “Wow, did you see that Ron Sexsmith show at The Carleton last week? My mind was blown!” and your response is, “WTF! Ron Sexsmith was in Halifax?!” you should maybe think very seriously about signing up for our weekly newsletter! Because that happens. It’s tough cutting through the digital noise these days to find out what’s actually worth your while.

We’re not the award-winningest venue in Halifax for no good reason and we announce our shows to our newsletter subscribers first, so they won’t be left wondering what happened when major artists (like Skydiggers, Matt Andersen, Joel Plaskett, David Myles, Matt Mays, Jimmy Rankin, Jim Cuddy & Greg Keelor, Gordie Sampson, Meaghan Smith, Gordie Johnson, David Myles, Adam Cohen, Rose Cousins, Barney Bentall, Jenn Grant… the list does go on) play our room and it’s sold out before you even hear about it.

David Myles Live At The Carleton CD Cover

We promise not to hammer you with unnecessary come-ons and try very hard to make our missive an interesting, informative and useful tool in planning your entertainment calendar – guaranteed.

Mike Campbell’s editorials still tackle city politics, tho are just as likely to serve up an insider music tale or address the vagaries of business and life.  Of course, you’re more than welcome to tell him he’s wrong (or right) by responding to it.