Dinner At The Carleton – Music By Sarah Osborne – CANCELLED

  • May 26, 2020
    5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Our Dinner At The Carleton series is very pleased to welcome Victoria’s Sarah Osborne to our stage on Tuesday, May 26th. Live music gets underway at 5 PM and, as always with this series, admission is FREE.

Sarah Osborne is a Victoria singer-songwriter/marine biologist who blends genres of jazz, blues, & country seamlessly with her dark honey-toned voice and clever guitar styling. A background in musical theatre and Royal Conservatory piano has made a comical storyteller and entrancing musician. Sarah holds court during her performances. Her fifth and most recent EP “She Rows” (2019) was produced and engineered by uncle Neil Osborne (54-40) and is an ode to jazz, lovers, & the sea.

Sarah has played everywhere from train cars crossing the country, to large ballrooms in big cities. As a performer, she can adapt to any room and engage with a wide variety of audiences. When joined by her band, the Magic Buttons, the show becomes even more captivating and textured. Driven by drums (Michael Wilford), filled out by bass (Travis Charuk), and coloured with lead guitar (Chris Lloyd), the dynamic narrative is lead by the smoky rich vocals and expressive movements of a strong front woman. Sarah draws inspiration from her family and friend musicians, the harshness and beauty of the natural world, blues, and love ballads she was raised on. She can all at once resemble a modern day Janis combined with a lady Johnny Cash, and a hint of Billie Holiday, and is an advocate for self-awareness and positive change in this wild world.