The (Legendary) Goldblooms + Tyler Mullendore + Bourbon Coyote

  • April 15, 2016
    10:00 pm - 2:00 am

It’s Friday, April 15th. You’re not in Sydney for the ECMAs. You need to see some decent live music. You wanna have some drinks and you wanna dance. But you don’t want disco. You want live music (as you should). What to do? Simple, come to The Carleton to see The (Legendary) Goldblooms, along with Tyler Mullendore and Bourbon Coyote. Live music starts at 10 PM and it’s only $7 at the door.

Like we said, simple!


The Goldbloom guys play lots of great tunes that you’ve likely forgotten how good they were. Be prepared to, you know, dance.


Tyler’s getting a lot of well-deserved attention lately, as a good Cape Bretoner should!


We don’t know much about Bourbon Coyote except to say we think they sound like they’ve been listening to Matt Mays and they have “bourbon” in their name, which means drinks might be involved and that’s a good thing, right?