JONT & The Infinite Possibility – Secret Sauce Friday Night Dance Party

  • November 20, 2015
    10:00 pm - 2:00 am

Jont & The Infinite Possibility‘s Secret Sauce Dance Party makes its (hopefully monthly-ish) debut at The Carleton on Friday, November 20th. He’s promising lots of surprises, including special curated playlists for between sets and some other things we’re not at liberty to talk about, although I suspect drink specials will be among them. Live music will get underway at 10 PM and it’s only $5 at the door to be part of it.


So here’s how it goes… Jont is working HARD on a new album – An Old Innocence – that he expects to deliver at some point in the new year. And it’s really good, I’ve been listening to it. He’s also got a new band, a committed band, but it’s hard to get enough gigs under one’s belt in Halifax these days to get as tight as they’d like to get. Rehearsal is good but there’s really no substitute for playing live to whip an act into shape.

Jont knows this and so do I. So… I suggested he take on some Friday nights at The Carleton and the idea is he’ll bring his most upbeat, crowd-pleasing numbers from past, present and future work and mix in some covers that the band can bring something to for a full night’s entertainment.

I think his original work is fantastic and his choice of covers (remember, he’s British) is inspired –  some Bowie for instance – and there’ll be plenty of surprises. And drink specials. And more surprises. We’d like to make this a monthly event so why not come out for this first one and then spread the word?