Lucas Reeves + Tyler Messick + Daniel Walker

  • December 9, 2018
    8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The Carleton is very pleased to present an evening featuring some of our favourite songwriters! Lucas Reeves, Tyler Messick (Museum Pieces) and Daniel Walker (Owen Meany’s Batting Stance) collaborate in a show on Sunday, December 9th. Show time is 8 PM and admission is only $10 at the door.

From the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Lucas Reeves, unapologetically exudes a rawness to his collection of songs. Subverting your expectations by being emotionally open. Drawing from influences like John K. Samson, Jeff Tweedy and Julien Baker, he combines a timeless sound with heartbreakingly beautiful lyrics that achieves the rare feat of sounding both universal and deeply personal all at the same time.

We very much dig what Tyler Messick does but don’t take our word for it, how about these folks!

Tyler’s songs make rain slow down a little bit and flowers blossom a little harder. Every song makes me sigh and high with relief. Hands down my favorite band. – Matt Mays

Messick is a genius. – Rose Cousins

I have always been a fan of his music, I see him in the Cass Mccombs/Jack White moldWin Butler, Arcade Fire

Tyler Messick fills the number with boundless soul, as if it’s the culmination of an epic,  troubled love story. There’s enough heart here to represent a young man’s whole lifetime, the better and the worse, and enough guitar, too. He sounds as if he grew up with these chords, just waiting for the chance. And he kills it. – Globe & Mail

David Byrne wrote, “…say something once, why say it again?”

This of course, was referring to the necessity of criminals, notably ‘psycho killers’, to remain silent about their nefarious acts to avoid capture by the authorities. However, this line was grossly misinterpreted by Owen Meany’s Batting Stances’ Daniel Walker, as a commentary on the art of song writing. Despite the eventual realization of the true association for the lyric, the concept of avoiding repetition has remained embedded in Walker’s approach to song writing.

Characterized as ‘impassioned literary folk’, Owen Meany’s Batting Stance is the moniker of Halifax via Guelph singer-songwriter Daniel Walker. Walker’s work embarks on an exploration of how a song can be used to cradle narratives, weaving lyrics and melodies to sew stories and express personal longings, frustrations, and all else that results from his tangles with cultural introspection.

If John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats and John K. Sampson of the Weakerthans formed a book club, you can be sure that Walker would be scurrying to the nearest second hand book store in search of the recommended novels he hadn’t read.