Moonwake + Loveland + Aquakultre

  • March 1, 2018
    9:00 pm - 1:00 am

As The Carleton moves forward, one of our ongoing mandates is to provide a stage for acts we think are well worth your attention. To that end, we’re presenting three very cool, very worthy acts in Moonwake, Loveland and Aquakultre on Thursday, March 1st. Show time is 9 PM and admission is $10 at the door.

Brought together by Braden Nelson’s Asymmetry artist compilation project, this group of musicians wanted to keep the train rolling after one very special and successful evening performing together. When the stars aligned, the possibility of renewal reared its head, and these musicians got their chance to form MOONWAKE. This spacey, synth-infused pop collective of music causes gravitational pull to cease, leaving you feeling weightless.


Halifax act Loveland plays soulful songs with modern symphonic stylings, a strong groove and seductive dance sensibilities. The band is known for their signature vocals and a unique lyrical take. They started playing in June of 2015 and have been highly productive ever since, writing almost two albums worth of material. The group as a whole has a high dedication for song-craft and that means making the tunes rhythmically, sonically and melodically interesting, with an attention to detail for each. Their sound is channeled through soul music influences like Curtis Mayfield, alongside more experimental music such as Vangelis, Kate Bush and Harry Hosono.

Lance Sampson is Aquakultre. He is a plumber who likes music. He appreciates people who come out to see him make music. People + music = Love.