The Monday Nights

  • November 27, 2015
    10:00 pm - 2:00 am

The Monday Nights from St. John’s are making their first Carleton appearance but some of its members are no strangers to Halifax audiences. The lads will be playing on Friday, November 27th at 10 PM. It’s only $5 at the door to get in and you’d have to be daft to miss it.


I remember Kalem Mahoney (vocals) well. He was the lead singer in a band called Gearbox that I featured a couple of times on my old MuchEast show. He was only 16 or 17 but he had the big beard even then. And everyone has seen the band’s rhythm section – Mark Neary (bass) and Elliot Dicks (drums) – familiar to many from The Novaks.

This new outfit is one we’re very, very excited to see. You should be too!

The audio’s a little rough but this is worth a look…