Boxing Day Freak-Out With Leith Fleming-Smith & Buds

  • December 26, 2015
    8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

We’ve tried to make Boxing Day at The Carleton a tradition by inviting our musical friends to our stage to entertain patrons and folks home for the holidays alike for FREE. In the past, those friends have included Joel Plaskett, Matt Mays, Gloryhound, The True Love Rules and a host of others.


This year, the happiest, and probably best, musician in the city – Leith Fleming-Smith – is organizing the night and promises to invite some of his buds to come out to sing with him. And given that Leith plays with at least half the bands in the city, I’m sure more than a couple will take him up on the invite.


This year’s holiday is on Saturday (yes, it’s a Saturday), December 26th so we’re sure at least some of you will want to get out of the house to have some fun and maybe meet some friends for a good night out, knowing you will not have to get up the next day to go to work.

Music will start around 9 PM. Like we said, it’s free and we’ll have some nice drink specials to make the night even more, well, special!