Brothers + Hello Delaware + The Barrowdowns

  • August 19, 2016
    10:00 pm - 2:00 am

Here’s a fantastic triple-bill of local indie acts for you! Brothers + Hello Delaware + The Barrowdowns gang up for a show at The Carleton on Friday, August 19th. Show time is 10 PM and it’s only $8 at the door for three cool bands. Can’t beat that with a stick…


Tyler and Taran Guest are, well, Brothers and are currently on a creative roll that is seeing them work their way up the Halifax performance ladder to shows just like this one. We like ’em!



Dana Beeler’s new project – Hello Delaware – sounds like a Jenny Lewis who grew up in small-town Canada—less Hollywood, more trees—but emerged just as heartbroken, and as insightful about it. It’s Americana with shades of *Red*-era Taylor Swift, the elemental pop of Gwen Stefani while a splash of country seeps across the whole affair, as Beeler’s voice bends into a twang with lyrics like “there’ll always be one horse you can’t tame.”


Diverse instrumentation and soaring five-part vocal harmonies characterize the unique alternative folk sound of Halifax-based band, The Barrowdowns.  Born in a cold dark Albertan winter in 2014, the band was started by Halifax musicians Kendra Breen and Rowan Swain. Upon their move back to Nova Scotia, the duo joined up with veteran Halifax musicians Dave Fultz, Adam Martin, and Neal Read to create an eclectic brand of folk music that is both energetic and haunting.  

With gripping songs that stick with you long after the last chord has rung out, The Barrowdowns create music that will keep you spellbound—even while you stomp your feet.