Dame Alexander Band + RaSquatch

  • October 27, 2018
    10:00 pm - 1:30 am

Dammien “Dame” Alexander and his band, along with RaSquatch team up to entertain you at The Carleton on Saturday, October 27th. Show time is 10 PM and admission is only $8 at the door.

Philadelphia-born singer/songwriter Dammien Alexander has been playing around the world as part of bands and in solo performances for a number of years. With comparisons to Pharrell, Prince, D’Angelo, John Legend, and Outkast, Dammien’s voice and presence are are remarkable and unmistakable.

You might think that the story of RaSquatch starts with a funky bunch of friends who, in the spring of 2012 started a band in Halifax, Nova Scotia ,Canada . A band that decided ,as part of their mission, to have fun and make music with a positive message, funky arrangements, and danceable beats. A band that shows their sense of humour and love of playing each time they take the stage. If you were to think this, you would be correct, but there is much more to the story …

You see, our story starts many, many years ago on a planet in a galaxy far, far away. The planet is inhabited by a race of beings that, although quite similar to humans, have a few noticeable differences , once you know what to look for. They are a shy and peaceful race, and were quite technologically advanced while humankind was still in its infancy. They consider themselves explorers, travelling through space to investigate and learn from the many mysteries around them. Always pushing further and further into space, exploring neighbouring planets and galaxies. It was this curiosity that, over 5000 years ago, brought a spaceship to this planet of ours we call Earth; and it is with this spaceship, that the story of RaSquatch must begin…