Flugzeug Trio

  • May 29, 2016
    5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Montreal’s Flugzeug Trio – a cool prog-jazz outfit – will be doing a special, pay-what-you-can, early evening at The Carleton on Sunday, May 29th. Things will get underway around 5 PM. If you’re out and about, drop in to see them while you have a bite and a drink!



Flugzeug Trio (“the thing that flies” taken from a straight-forward German translation) is a bass-less prog-jazz Montreal-based band that performs originals. Their music is somehow inspired by Brian Blade’s Fellowship Band or Chick Corea’s The Vigil and can best be described as melodic with insane dynamics. The Trio (guitar, sax and drums) is fueled by the natural chemistry between all three members and a strong desire to explore beyond known territories, allowing for unusual discoveries.

The debut album recorded with guest bassist and co-producer Chris Tarry (Metalwood, ChrisTarry Group) launched in the Trio format on Feb 6th, in Montreal.