Moonwake EP Release + No, It’s Fine + Valerie

  • September 21, 2018
    10:00 pm - 1:30 am

We’re super-happy one of our fave new local acts, Moonwake, has chosen The Carleton as the venue to celebrate the release of their new EP. They’ll be joined by pals No, It’s Fine and Valerie. Show time is 10 PM and admission is $10 at the door.

Brought together by Braden Nelson’s Asymmetry artist compilation project, this group of musicians wanted to keep the train rolling after one very special and successful evening performing together. When the stars aligned, the possibility of renewal reared its head, and these musicians got their chance to form MOONWAKE. This spacey, synth infused pop collective of music causes gravitational pull to cease, leaving you feeling weightless.

No, It’s Fine – Pretty much exactly the kind of music you would expect a Nova Scotian who visited Philadelphia once and then never stopped talking about it to make… “It’s your wonderfully sensitive and caring frustrations. It’s giving more than you need to, and receiving less than you deserve in return but being really, ‘no, it’s fine’. No matter the catchy chord arrangements, wonderfully cheeky but still environmentally descriptive lyrics…

Valerie is an ambient dream pop/shoegaze/reverb concoction from Shawn McNally (guitar), Caleb Schriver (bass), Kayla Stevens (guitar), Ryan Brown (drums) and Palmer Jamieson (guitar and vocals), that came together, “out of luck.”