Father’s Day – With Steve Poltz!

It’s fitting that Steve Poltz (the best solo entertainer we’ve ever seen and Carleton mascot) is playing The Carleton on Sunday, June 21stFather’s Day – because Steve loves his dad A LOT and that’s cool because Joe Poltz is awesome.


We think you should seriously think about taking your dad out to dinner and a Steve Poltz show for Father’s Day! It’ll change his life and he’ll thank you over and over and over again. Even if your kids won’t take you to the show, or if your dad has sadly passed already, you should come.

Saturday’s show is SOLD OUT now so this will be your only opportunity to see Steve for quite some time. He’ll be off touring Australia again and God knows where else before he makes it back to his hometown of Halifax. Spread the word, there’s nothing quite like a Poltz show. Will he actually wind up nekked? I wouldn’t put it past him…

If you’ve never seen Steve do the full meal deal version of his famous Jewel hit You Were Meant For Me before, check out this show we shot in my garage years before I opened The Carleton. Priceless stuff and just a hint at what his shows are like.