I hear Rumours Of Spring…

Firstly, we would like to thank the incredibly talented Barney Bentall, Cory Tetford, Dustin Bentall and Kendel Carson for one of the best nights of live music we’ve ever had in our award-winning club and for their generousity in donating all the ticket proceeds from the sold out show to The Carleton to help us get through this ungodly winter.


The show was text book Carleton: music was fantastic, service was excellent and folks ate and drank like folks should at events like this. Thank you to all who came out to make the night a spectacular success and we hope to see you again sooner, rather than later. We have some amazing stuff booked in the coming months.

Secondly, and I saw this with my own eyes (and camera), the city brought out the big guns last night to seriously make a big dent in the walls of snow and ice on Argyle and Prince Streets, which means… you can park downtown again!!!!


And that’s good because we’ve got great shows over the next few nights. Like: Ken Tizzard (The Watchmen, Thornley) with Chris Ryan tonight (Thursday, March 26th) at 8 PM, Ron Hawkins (Lowest of the Low, The Rusty Nails, The Do Good Assassins) tomorrow (Friday, March 27th) at 7 PM, Scrapes at 10 PM and then Rollie & The Navy Brats sitting in for The Carletones on Saturday, March 28th at 10 PM.