St. Patrick’s Day 2019

We have an amazing day of music, dancing, ceilidhs, and food. Make sure you take a look at the day’s event page HERE.

Served All Day 11-Close

Full Irish Breakfast. sausage, corned beef, pickled cabbage, fried eggs, roasted tomatoes, baked beans, spiced hash browns $18

Guinness Stew. marinated atlantic flank steak, roasted vegetables, purple potatoes, rich beef broth $13

House Corned Beef Sandwich. pickled cabbage, spicy mustard, house frites, fresh ciabatta $16

Shepherd’s Pie. ground lamb, yukon gold potato, garden vegetables, lamb gravy $18

Sausage & Mash. pork sausage, pickled cabbage, beef gravy, roasted garlic mash $20

Fish n Chips. house tartare sauce, crispy shoestring frites, lemon, pickled beet slaw $20

Corned Beef Poutine. roasted chicken gravy, corned beef, Carleton frites, cheese curds $16

Ale Steamed Mussels. PEI mussels, green herb butter, local craft ale $12

Guinness Chocolate Cake. dark chocolate ganache, chantilly $10

Crème Caramel. Local maple syrup, creamy baked custard $9