So What’s The Dealio With The New Argyle Streetscape You Ask?

It’s taken years longer than it was supposed to but if the city’s to be believed, the Nova Centre will be open soon (tenants in the office tower are moving in this week) and the Argyle Streetscaping project is functional NOW. If you haven’t been downtown recently – or even if you have and can’t figure out how it works – here’s what we’ve gotten from the city on the subject!

Argyle is now a shared street and while it looks for all the world like a strictly pedestrian mall, it isn’t; there is traffic allowed on it and we don’t want you getting hit by a car or truck while meandering about with your earbuds in, staring down at your device of choice. Once everyone gets used to it – especially once the permanent patios are constructed in the spring (including the beauty one The Carleton will be building) it’ll become a lot clearer. In the meantime, read this snappy brochure and familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts, we look forward to seeing you when you come back downtown to take a look at it all!